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Inside the train, we see many faces of various lives. After having sent their children to the

cities, the grandparents run toward sons and daughters for several hours, carrying

fruits and meals which they have grown themselves to feed their children.  A fresh recruit

who goes to a far-remote camp in the rural mountains.  A dandy, Ptrain-crazied old man who

has been travelling for over 20 years, this time with his grandchildren.  And sometimes,

young boys and girls who carry a mapbook and whisper a confidential talk of love....

We find self-portraits of ourselves within them.  Therefore, although the P-train has run on

harsh and far-remote lands, it was, to us, like a 'pigeon' which flies the skies of 'freedom'

and 'peace'.  Today, it still runs vigorously through every corner of our nation, toward

the short-remained length of its days.

A vigorous old woman, 74, who grows pear herself in the countryside, Kumsan.

Selling up half of pears in the train already, she is headed toward the square fo big city station

to sell the remains.  I came near wrenching my waist when I tried to give her a hand. It was so

heavy that it took over 5 minutes for her to climb the stairs. (up)


Scenery from inside isn't so beautiful to a stranger, but familiar to us.  A woman

carrying a baby on her back is waiting for her unshown husband to meet her at the station.


The doors and broadasting room of the P-train which have run Kyong-jeon lane for 30 years.



Many passengers who ride P-train, usually have many, big packages, because the train never complains to them about that unlike other trains.


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